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At first these will be random recollection of stories told by my Father, Paul Hutchins, Aunts Helen and Catherine to my cousins Kathy and Jack. 
Someday we may be able to put them in some kind of order but for now here is what we know.

My father was the oldest and he was sixteen when Edward died from a relapse of 
Influenza and Pneumonia. 
Apparently he was a fastitious man and having "recovered" and it being a sunny day decided 
to get a haircut. He never had another.

At the time of his death he wa working as a production forman for Remington Arms Co,
 since they were living in Upper Darby, PA I assume the company had a plant there or 
in Philadelphia. Location yet to be confirmed. 
He did apprentice as a gunsmith but didn't believe in guns per se. 
He also worked in Insurance for Prudential.

Without his glasses he was "blind". 
Dad remembered him not being able to work because of a problem with his glasses 
so Kathy's story confirms (see below).


Our grandfather was carrying Nana downstairs or some place in the house(she must have been sick) and   inadvertantly she knocked his glasses off and they broke?
 He was as "blind" as you and I so he couldn't go to work until he had them fixed.

My mother always said her father's side was English.  
I assume you know he was a convert to Catholicism which may be why they had little
 or no contact with that side of the family.   This again is what my mother said.


My mother told me that the Hutchins were New England Yankees.
I don't know anything about our grandfather Hutchins being a Catholic convert.
Mom also told me that some of the Hutchins family moved to Richmond,Indiana.
That's about all I know of that side of the family. 

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